IFW's Senior Management have an extensive global knowledge of the Cybercrime Industry


Ken Gamble

Executive Chairman

Ken Gamble is an accomplished cybercrime expert and professional investigator, with over 28 years experience working with governments, multinational corporations and high net worth individuals on a range of difficult and complex matters relating to corporate threats, risk and reputation. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of IFW GlobalĀ and a leading resource and international speaker on topics relating to Cybercrime, anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting issues confronting large multinational brands. He is the current chairman of the International Association of Cybercrime Prevention in Australia.

Allan Watson


Allan Watson is the Director of Global Investigations and has over 30 years’ experience in investigations, brand protection, business intelligence, security and crisis management in both the corporate and government sectors. He is presently in charge of managing a number of global online brand protection programs for large multinational brands and coordinating field investigations in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Americas.

Alana Maurushat


Dr Alana Maurushat is a Director of IFW GlobalĀ and a Senior Research Fellow with the Australian Centre for Cyber Security. Dr. Maurushat has a B.A. in Communications (University of Calgary), B.C.L. (McGill), LL.B. (McGill), LL.M. with Concentration in Law and Technology (University of Ottawa), PhD (University of New South Wales). She is the Senior Lecturer, Academic Director of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Community, at the University of New South Wales, Australia.